The Face of Hunger in Houston

Hungry in Houston   

Hungry Pic

There are a staggering number of people in America that currently need help feeding themselves and their families.  This is despite the fact that in this country of great wealth, there is enough food to feed everyone. Many of the individuals and families may have never had to seek assistance before.  They are not other people; they are people just like all of us.  They are the ones in our communities that have a job and are raising families. Some have high school diplomas, GED’s and post-high school education.  Some simply became unemployed due to layoffs; or the closing or moving of organizations to other countries.  Others are retired seniors, and students seeking to increase their level of education.  The truth of the matter is that the struggle is real.  It can happen to almost anyone.  And it happens to people we know, people just like you and me.

please helpWe must work together to solve hunger in our communities — business, charities, individuals, and government.  We must work together to ensure that all of our neighbors have enough to eat. When you realize the face of hunger in Houston, how can you not give?  How can you remain silent?
Follow the link to make a contribution now: I’m helping

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