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fac-logoaFeeding A Community is a concerned group of caring individuals whose goal is to help alleviate hunger in Houston, Texas.   As one of our directors put it  “We’re feeding the hungry…wherever they are.”   Through our services we provide quarterly and holiday community feedings in local parks around the city, summer feeding programs to low income apartment communities for children up to age eighteen, where the national summer feeding program is not in operation; nutritional and personal finance education to help residents purchase item to prepare nutritous meals, and enrichment activities for youth and adults.

tgcWhen friends like you become a partner with us, we can take action and meet the need of those who are devistated by food insecurity.  Many hunger areas in Houston are hidden.  On any given day, it could be children living in low income communities who suffer from hunger because that one consistent meal a day was only available during the school year.  Doing out-of-school-time many households have under-employed individuals who struggle to provide enough food doing these months.   Seniors struggle to make food last until the end of the month and food shortages arise with those who care for grandchildren.  Help us provide long-term solutions to hunger issues in Houston.

No one in America should ever go without food.  Your tax-deductible contribution can help us make a difference in Houston communities.

Video: FAC Alleviates Hunger in Houston Communities.

We need your help–make an investment into the lives of those who are suffering now.




Follow the image link below to learn how you can help us fight hunger all year long.

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Helping Alleviate Hunger When and Where It Is Needed