2014 Christmas Day Community Feeding

Tom Wussow Park came alive on December 25, 2014 when churches and community came together to make it a merry christmas day for many needy and hungry families.  Even volunteers prepared and brought homemade cakes and pies and filled the pavilion with aroma and flavor.

IMG_0313   IMG_0314   IMG_0315

IMG_0316   IMG_0318    IMG_0319

Tables were covered with turkey, chicken and ham, stuffing and a various selection of vegetables, drinks and desserts. Volunteers were eager to serve and people were all smiles as they received a delicious hot meal.

IMG_0320   IMG_0321   IMG_0322

IMG_0327   IMG_0328   IMG_0332

Hearts could be felt as love spread with the taking of photos, the sharing of testimonies, and through music and songs.  People shared their current situations and expressed their gratitude for the food, service and fellowship.  Some would have eaten alone.  Some had no food at all, and some were destitute and homeless.

IMG_0334   IMG_0335   IMG_0340

IMG_0344   122513-dinner   122513-dinnera

122513-dinnerb   122513-dinnerd



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