2014 Thanksgiving Day Feeding

It was a marveleous day on November 27, 2014 when Feeding a Community and TCOTLJCGM fed over 400 families in zip code 77026. Numerous volunteers showed up even before the church doors were open, they were eager and excited to serve and help many others be thankful on this day.  We pray that this year also, many of you will join us as we plan to do it all over again.

IMG_7189  IMG_7225  IMG_7194

Volunteers joined hands and created a prayer circle to pray for the community, while youth were excited to serve beverages.

IMG_7191  IMG_7182  IMG_7173

People from all walks of life and all nationalities were happy and thankful while serving or being served.

20141127_143752    20141127_143021    20141127_150822

Jay-Marie, director of The Sheppherd’s Table prepared to serve.  She and her team prepared many delicious dishes to serve the people in this community on Thanksgiving Day.

This was the eleventh year for this small church that have been sacrificing to feed the 77026 community. They have always expressed such great passion about it being a success because they are located within this community.  We were glad that they allowed us to become a part of this wonderful deed.  We ask that this year in 2015, that you will once again provide us with overwhelming support and love as we endeavor to feed Houston’s hungry.

For monetary support, mail checks and money orders to Feeding A Community, P.O. Box 1999, Houston, TX 77373. Credit and debit card supporters can obtain secure donation procedures by visiting: http://www.squareup.com/store/faccommunity.  Also, you may contact us at any time to inquire about food contributions for any of our feedings.

Always look for volunteer opportunities at: http://www.volunteermatch.org.



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