2015 FAC First Annual Christmas Day Dinner


More than 150 volunteers registered to help Feeding A Community serve and deliver Christmas Day Dinner to the hungry and homeless of Greenspoint-Houston Texas.

Many services and restuarants do not operate doing the Christmas holidays leaving many of the poor and homeless with no resources and no where to go.

More than a 150 were served a full course meal containing various items such as baked chicken, barbeque chicken, broccoli and cheese casserole, green beans, green beans casserole, corn, red beans, potato salad and a selection of desserts, beverages and bottled water.

Feeding A Community have been serving the Greenspoint Community for over five years in collabotations with other agencies. This was FAC’s first Greenspoint Community Feeding as a separate entity, and we continue to see the increase in demand every year.

Volunteers also prepared plates and distributed them to the homeless and hungry that were under freeways and not within walking distance to the park. Many returned with stories how the hungry cried and was just grateful that someone cared.

We are thankful for the outpouring of support we received from Krogers, Food Town, CBS Radio, CW39, OFLCDC and TCOTLJC





The volunteers play a tremendous part in ensuring the smooth running of the Greenspoint Christmas Day dinner. The generosity of the volunteers, with their time is astonishing year after year.

On behalf of our guests we thank them and deeply appreciate their generous cooperation and support. This day would not be possible without their help.



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