Henderson Park Community Feeding

facehpOn March 26, 2016, we had an awesome time feeding some of Houston’s hungry and homeless at Earl Henderson Park.  It was a beautiful day on this just-before-Easter Saturday, and many of the neighbors came out to the park to welcome and thank us for coming to their neighborhood.  “Come back again” they said; “for we seldom have anything going on in our neighborhood.”



Ms. Linda Johnson, a City of Houston employee who also does catering, prepared the delicious meal for the day. The menu included a hot Spaghetti meal with homemade meatsauce, green beans, bread, desserts and assorted beverages. Additionally she prepared chili cheese dogs for the kids. We express our gratitude to Ms. Johnson and all the labor of love that went into her work to feed the hungry.

Beyond Measures Ministry with Pastor K. Thomas ministered unto the souls with psalms and words of encouragement. They also sponsored the Spaghetti meal and the tables and chairs for the event. They were really hands-on and throughly engaged to the end.

Overflowing Life Community Development Corporation with Pastor Kwame Perry, was a contributor of beverages and desserts. Pastor Perry and Pastor Thomas also worked the Prayer Tent with Ms. Collins to minister unto those that requested prayer.  Many of the men from the nearby shelter came by for food for their bodies, and realized that they also needed fod for their souls. They prayed, cried, and shared some of their stories with us concerning their struggles.  It was moments like this that was the most rewarding and made the event all worthwhile.

We were able to be a blessing to about 100 persons, mostly homeless men from the nearby area. Some came by foot and others rode their bicycles to the park. We made every effort to temporarily address their needs.  The men received a comfort from someone taking the time to listen, and to care; to offer advise, and just to spend sometime away from the harshness of their norm.  This is why we do it–to strengthen the heart, mind, soul and spirit of humanity; restore dignity and create a positive sense of community.