Food Contributions

Feeding A Community is dedicated to providing perishable and non-perishable food items to households struggling with food insecurity. It may be a bag of groceries delivered to a front door, serving a hot meal at one of our hungry and homeless park community feedings, or a feeding program in a low income apartment complex. These are just some of the reasons we encourage your continued support in giving food items to help support our ministry.

According to, each year, fourteen billion pounds of food are sent to landfills while thirty million Americans, including twelve million children suffer from food insecurity.

Your donations of non-perishable and properly maintained perishable food items can help stock the shelves at FAC with provisions for the missions in our collaborative efforts. Call to make an appointment with us to pick up or drop off food items.  We also accept donations of perishable prepared foods, typically collected from restaurants, caterers, corporate dining rooms, hotels, and other food establishments, that can play an important role in feeding families in need.  Such donations usually require special handling such as refrigerated trucks and prompt distribution, therefore at this time, we are limited to accept such foods unless scheduled for the day of the current event.

We ask that you help us put food on the table of families in need.


We are not new to the business, but we re a new entity; and we are seeking the use of a certified kitchen to uses about six times for one year to prepare hot meals for the communities we feed.  We ask that you consider our great work as we continue to expand our growth potential. We are willing to discuss partnership opportunities.

Equipment and Supplies

Our current needs:

  • 40′ x 40′ tent to enclose feeding areas and shelter from the elements.

  • Eight 6′ to 8′ folding tables.

  • Refrigerated truck

  • Corporate vehicle

  • 24 folding chairs.

  • 4 large chest coolers.

  • 4 large drink coolers.

Monetary donations

Mail checks, money orders, and gift cards to P.O. Box 1999, Spring, TX 77373.  Credit and debit card transactions can be securely processed online through PayPal or online donations by calling (346)561-2124.
Please call us at (346)561-2124 to receive instructions on how to ship in-kind donations such as toiletries, blankets, socks, etc.

When you shop online at IGive we receive a donation towards this cause. Take a look at IGive now.

In Houston, on any given night, there are over 6200 homeless people hungry and on our streets.  This number does not include the many households with families that struggle with food insecurity. It is a God-given duty to humanity to care for one another.  The blessings of God are equally available to the Christian and the non-christian.  It is the principle that works.

We appreciate your support. It is you that help us make a difference in the lives of others.


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