Our Latest Projects

In January 2016, FAC agreed to work in conjunction with All Help Services, Inc to open the Wesley Square Community Center. The center located at 7402 Calhoun in Houston, TX has been closed for quite some time. The community center is located on the same property as Wesley Square Apartments and can be used to serve the 77033 community with various programs and services.

FAC will design and write programs that will best fit with the Wesley Square culture, and will educate the residents and AHS staff in administrative and operational procedures.  This approach will not only further engage the community, but also develop employable skills that participants can uses outside of the center.

FAC is asking businesses, churches, individuals and members of the community to partner with us in preparing the center for operations. The center is in need of make-ready repairs, a commercial refrigerator/freezer, a stove, tables and chairs for graders 1-3; 4-6; 7-9; and will also serve high-schoolers and adult learners. Sponsorship opportunities are available. Contact FAC at 713-992-2627 for more information.