GiveFive$ Fundraising Campaign for Needy Families

Providing Food to Needy Families during Out-of-school time

Providing Food to Needy Families Throughout the Year

Because there is someone hunger at any given time, somewhere in or near Houston, we’re asking you to participate in our year-round GiveFive$ Fundraising Campaign. We’re asking every man, woman, boy and girl to give $5 or five non-perishable canned goods or dry goods item to Feeding A Community to share with needy families throughout the year.

The economic situation in the nation is 350,000 pink slips given to employees in the O & G industry worlwide. For Texas, that meant 99,000 in direct and indirect job cuts. And in April 2016 alone, 6300 Houstonians in the industry lost their jobs according to  With household incomes being slashed, the burden to feed many households is steadily increasing. This is that time of year, anytime is the time oy year where we want to be able to provide groceries to families in Houston as the need grows.

On the other hand, families who rely on free or reduced breakfast and lunch school meals to feed their children will have to find resources to replace those two most important meals during summer months and other out-of-school times—with no additional income.

Over 16 million children in America suffer with hunger. We believe we should begin to take care of home first. We’re asking you to join us in the fight against hunger by asking every family member, church member, schools, students, mosques, temples, businesses, corporations, and other organizations to just GiveFive$.

  • Five dollar cash donations will help us buy fresh produce and dairy products to be included in boxes prepared for needy households.

  • Five cans of non-perishable items will increase the variety of items we can give to help families complete a meal.

  • Five dry goods items (pasta, rice, and dried beans, etc) can also help families with meal preparations.

Perishable and Non-perishable items may be dropped of every Monday –  Saturdays by appointment only at this time or we will gladly pick up.

Pick-up Arrangements Avaiable
Please call (346)561-2124 if you need to make other arrangements.

Monetary donations can be securely accepted by clicking here or on any donation link from our Donation page.  For further questions or concerns, feel free to email us at: