Help Us Feed Hungry Children in Houston

Hunger Increases Among Children In Houston

Last year, the increase in the number of children facing hunger in Southeast Texas was just under 20,000.  That means more and more children became at-risk of food insecurity.  As the numbers increase, it gets worse for children.  According to the Houston Food Bank which gathers information from Feeding America and U.S. Department of Agriculture, one in four children live in households that do not have enough food to eat.  Its heart- wrenching to think about 1 in 4 children going to bed hungry in Houston, Texas.  To Houstonians, it should be an unacceptable reality.

Tonight, 1 in 4 children in Houston, Texas will go to bed hungry

The new school year has begun, yet many children will find themselves returning home from school with very little to nothing to eat.  For many, parents may be at work and unbale to have an evening meal prepared.  Others may receive items lacking nutrition, being filled with sugars and salt.  We are asking you to help us feed hot nutritious meals to hungry children of Houston, Texas.  It may just help them prepare for a better schoolday tomorrow.

I challenge you to pack up your passions into kernels of strength and find small ways


In appreciation of your contribution of $20 or more, we will immediately send you a beautiful Paragon Stylus Pen in your color choice of Black, Blue or Red.  The Paragon Stylus Pen works with all your electronic devices, and with just one click it becomes a pen to jot down your quick notes.

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